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Stewardship in the International Church

International Stewardship

Having just returned from Kenya and the International Stewardship Symposium, I have the following impressions I would like to share with you. These are only those that I have been able to put into words at the moment, a mere 3 days after returning home and recovering from jet lag.

  1. God is at work in the church throughout the Third World countries. I met pastors from Kenya, Uganda, Malaysia, Bangladesh, India, Belize, and Congo. They shared stories of how God is using stewardship to change lives and their communities.

  2. God's plan for stewardship is true whether it is in a poor country or in a wealthy economy.

  3. The scourge of dependence on other countries for financial support has limited the spiritual growth of Third World countries.

  4. The wealthy of the world need to be even more generous to the rest of the world. (You may think #4 conflicts with #3. In some ways it does, it others ways they are two separate callings from God.)

  5. A Bishop from the Anglican Church invited me to come and teach at his seminary on the topic of stewardship. He said he would have 60 pastors in the class. I was blown away!

  6. The faith of these pastors and church leaders to trust ONLY on God to supply through teaching generosity is amazing. They walk by faith every day.

  7. I met one pastor who ministers on the islands of Lake Victoria. There are no roads, very primitive, and until him, no church. He now oversees numerous churches on the islands. He goes by boat to each island and his boat is in terrible shape. Yet his message of how God supplies his needs every day is amazing. His name is Paul.

  8. International Steward is being used by God to touch the worldwide church of Jesus Christ. They go where they are called and trust God to supply. If you feel called to support this ministry, go to

  9. While our world is getting smaller with the Internet and other things, it still takes time and effort to travel. (And I am getting older and less patient.)

  10. We are truly blessed to live in this country. While we have many things to improve and fight for, we are in such a comfortable land of opportunities and wealth. With this comes a great stewardship responsibility.

When I was in Continental Singers I traveled to over 20 countries in the 1980's. My life was never the same. Once again, getting out of our country to see God at work in the world refreshes and changes a person. I am thankful for the opportunity, and I am thankful again for all of our missionaries around the world!

Blessings in your ministry of development until next time,

Dr. John R. Frank, CFRE