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Lesson Four: A Legacy of Stewardship

I. Introduction


II. Generations of Stewards

  • Builders
  • Boomers
  • Busters


III. What is estate planning/planned giving all about?

  • Builders
  • Boomers
  • Busters


- Long range planning

- Family/government/wise stewardship

- Impact on the next generation

- Promote stewardship

- The Foundation it s role in stewardship

IV. Teaching children about the stewardship

- By example

- Our giving of $

- Our giving of our time

- Our giving of our talents

- By sacrifice

- Responding to God s call even when it s not convenient

- By teaching

- Talk to our kids about financial matters

- Encourage them to give

- Discuss campaigns, special missions projects

- Let them be a part of the decisions

V. Putting it all together - a lifestyle of stewardship

- Excel in the grace of giving

- Seek God s stewardship style for your life

VI. Questions for Consideration

  1. Should every Christian have a will?

  2. How should we teach our children about stewardship? Home, church, Sunday School, etc.

  3. How can a family make stewardship a priority?

  4. How can stewardship bridge generations of Christians?


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